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Using Facebook Poster

Answers to some "Frequently Asked Questions" are shown below.

I scheduled a group post. It gets posted immediately. Why?

The administrator has probably disabled CRON jobs.
Without CRON enabled, Group posts cannot be scheduled. This is facebook policy and cannot be circumvented.

What is "Use Image Proxy?" option in Image and Album Post types?

Some sites block Facebook image fetch requests or watermark their images specifically for such requests.
One such site is quozio.com. The Image proxy option forces the script to download image itself thus enabling user to use these images on Facebook.

How do I select Album for an Album Post? I see no option.

Albums only exist for Pages not groups.
Select the page(s) you want to post the image to, and and click Post.
You will shortly see Album selection on each Page's option area.
Select the desired album and press the adjacent button to continue posting.

I am using Album post and selected pages as well as groups. What happens?

Program will automatically use Album post for pages and simple image link posts for groups.
Groups only support Links or Text posts.

What is video local server path?

If the video is present on the server on which the script is running, simply enter the path to it like '/videos/vid.mp4' and it will be posted.

What is video file url?

For sites other than Youtube, enter the full path to video file e.g, 'http://www.xyz.com/video.mp4'.
For YouTube, you only need to enter the video watch url.
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